Visit Your Dentist About Cosmetic Dentistry

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If you would like to improve your oral health through a smile makeover, a tooth restoration or replacement via cosmetic dentistry is in order. Cosmetic dentistry functions to drastically improve your smile for the look you desire. In many situations, tooth prosthetics and restorations that are used can cosmetically enhance your smile and can also improve the function of your smile. In some cases, they can even add an additional layer of protection. When you are ready to improve your smile’s look, seek out cosmetic dentistry treatments. Listed below are several tooth prosthetics and restorations that can visually enhance and upgrade your smile:

Dental crowns are cosmetic dentistry treatments designed to cap and conceal teeth on all sides for a durable and effective hold that can improve the look of your smile and protect it from future damage.

Dental veneers are cosmetic dentistry treatments designed to cover and conceal the front of your teeth.

Teeth whitening treatments are highly effective options for improving the color of your smile if you are suffering from any stains or discolorations.

Dental bonding treatments can be used to help restore surface damage to teeth with porcelain and resin materials.

Dental implant restorations are strong tooth prosthetics affixed to your smile by attaching to your jawbone.

If your jawbone is not strong enough to hold dental implants, dental bridges can be used as alternative tooth prosthetics are available to help improve your smile.

Dentures are removable tooth prosthetics that are extremely effective for enhancing the look of your smile and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Achieve a better smile with optimum oral health care success courtesy of cosmetic dentistry treatments. If you would like to set up cosmetic dentistry treatments at Carolina Avenue Dental Care, you are welcome to call our dentist office in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, at our number 843-899-5911. Dr. Craig Thomas and our entire team look forward to upgrading your smile.