Recontour Your Teeth Today!

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Have you ever had a small chip you want to rid get rid of in your smile? Recontouring is an easy, quick procedure to reshape any of your teeth. Here at Carolina Avenue Dental Care, we want to give you your best smile.

Some minor imperfections you may have include a small chip in the tooth, pits or bulges in the tooth’s enamel, irregular tooth shape caused by uneven teeth, or the length of your canines. Your dentist can fix the small chips by smoothing out the rough edge, or a further option is a veneer. Veneers are another option to redesign the front teeth.

Pits or bulges can also be smoothed out on the tooth enamel. Irregular tooth shapes can be adjusted as well as the length of the canines. A substantial chip or fracture can be fixed with veneers or bonding with recontouring part of each of those processes.

For the recontouring process, you have an initial exam to determine what treatment is best. An x-ray may be taken to establish the exact location and size pertaining to the tooth’s pulp containing the nerves and blood vessels. If the enamel is too thin or the pulp lies too close to the surface, a veneer or bonding may be contemplated instead.

In the procedure, your dentist will use a fine diamond bur or sanding disc to remove a very small part of the tooth enamel. If there are imperfections in-between the teeth, a strip of sandpaper will be used to smooth out the tooth. The final touch will be a polish.

A recontouring procedure typically does not require another meeting with your dentist, but if you would like to schedule another appointment or have any questions, give us a call at 843-899-5911 here in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Carolina Avenue Dental Care will be happy to answer!