Protect Your Smile with These Terrific Denture Tips

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Taking care of your dentures goes hand-in-hand with taking care of your oral health. Just because they are artificial, it does not mean they should be excluded from daily hygiene practice. Optimum oral hygiene is as important for artificial teeth as it was with your real ones.

Dentures can harbor dangerous bacteria the same as normal teeth, but they also have the added risk of introducing further bacteria to your mouth if they are not cleaned every time they are re-inserted into your mouth. Protect your smile with these terrific denture tips:

– Soak or store your dentures if they are not in use. Speak with your dentist for the best storage methods.

– To protect your dentures after meals, take the time to remove them and thoroughly wash and clean them.

– Be very careful when handling dentures as they can be slippery and easily cracked if dropped.

– Clean your dentures every day, including soaking them in a denture solution or water. Brush your dentures every day with a nonabrasive cleaner that has been approved by your dentist.

– Always be sure to show up for your regularly scheduled exams with your dentist at Carolina Avenue Dental Care.

– Avoid the use of products on your dentures such as abrasive toothpaste or teeth-whitening treatments, as they can easily damage or bleach your dentures.

– Before inserting dentures or after removing them, always be sure to wash your gums completely.

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