How to Help Your Child Curb Their Thumb Sucking Habit

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Does your child suck their thumb? If so, it’s important to help them curb the habit if they are getting older. This is important because their smile is developing and their thumb can add undue pressure to the mouth and cause issues. So, to help you help your child curb the habit, our dentist, Dr. Craig Thomas, has some tips!

First, reward good behavior. Instead of disciplining your child when they suck their thumb, celebrate with them when they don’t suck their thumb. This will help them feel positive about quitting the habit and it can also encourage them. If necessary, you can even create a chart where your child can earn stickers and prizes when they don’t suck their thumb.

Second, cover the thumb. This can help your child dislike the taste of their tongue, which can help them stop sucking it. So, cover the thumb with a Band-aid or sock when your child is most likely going to suck it, like at night or when they are tired.

Third, talk to your dentist. Sometimes the dentist can help your child understand that sucking their thumb can be a bad habit. Dr. Craig Thomas can explain that it can cause crooked teeth and a maldeveloped mouth and it’s important to stop sucking the thumb as soon as possible.

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