Helpful Dental Resources to Keep Your Teeth Strong

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Your teeth are coated in an incredibly strong substance known as tooth enamel that is more durable than even the bones in your jaw. However, this doesn’t mean that tooth enamel is invulnerable; it can be worn away over time by bacteria and acids and is gone for good once it disappears. To keep itself strong, tooth enamel experiences a daily process known as remineralization to restore lost minerals. We offer tips on dental resources that can boost your tooth enamel and improve the quality of your teeth.

A natural resource is the flow of saliva in your mouth. Saliva contains many properties that benefit the teeth, such as washing away deposits of bacteria and food particles from the tooth surfaces and providing minerals that enhance the tooth enamel. If you regularly care for your smile with daily brushing and flossing, you can support your saliva by removing any plaque or bacteria that is lingering on your smile after meals.

The dental products you choose can also benefit your tooth enamel if they contain helpful substances such as fluoride, calcium, amorphous calcium phosphate and casein phosphopeptide. These help restore mineral density to the tooth enamel to improve the process of remineralization.

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