Flossing: Time Well Spent

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One of the most often asked questions at the dental office is, “Are you flossing daily?” If you answer with an emphatic “Yes!” your dentist will be so happy that he may just leap from his chair and dance a lively jig. That’s because not enough people consistently floss and your dentist is used to hearing the word “no” a lot. Rather than getting a heartfelt lecture on the necessity of flossing, see if the information below persuades you to begin doing this beneficial practice.

Plaque is the yellowish, slimy substance on your teeth made of leftover food particles and bacteria. It cannot be removed entirely by brushing alone and likes to hide within crevices, along the gumline, and between the spaces of teeth. When you aren’t flossing each day it builds up and is directly responsible for tooth decay and gum disease.

Your only recourse to eradicate plaque from its hiding place between teeth is to discover a flossing product that you will use consistently each day without fail. Luckily for you, there are options from which to choose. There are versions of dental floss that come in both waxed (easier to get through tight teeth) and unwaxed varieties. Some are flavored and others have no taste at all. There are pre-strung disposable floss picks and water flossers for those that have a hard time manipulating string floss.

Yes, flossing will add a few minutes to your daily routine, but the added benefits you gain will be worth it.

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