Don’t Doubt the Dental Benefits of Oral Emergency Care

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Beyond an oral hygiene daily routine, you also need to make sure that you’re practicing several methods to eliminate the risks associated with oral accidents and injuries. However, oral accidents may continue to occur even if you do all steps correctly, so you need to have a preparation plan in place in case of an emergency. If you continually suffer from issues associated with oral emergencies, you will need to assess various aspects of your life and eliminate unhealthy habits or lifestyle choices that are currently putting you at risk.

If you should ever lose a dental filling or a dental crown, it may be possible to restore the tooth later on. Try to collect your crown or filling and bring it into our doctor so that the appropriate treatments can be applied. If you lose a dental filling, make sure to cover up the vulnerable tooth with a piece of sugarless chewing gum or over the counter dental cement. Should you lose a dental crown, you need to apply a gauze coated in clove oil directly to the susceptible tooth until professional care can be given.

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