Dental Sealants: The Way to Keep Cavities at Bay

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If you wish to keep your smile free from cavities, dental sealants are your new best friend! This dental treatment can help you keep your oral health and smile in tip-top shape. To explain a little more, Dr. Craig Thomas and our dental team are happy to share some facts about dental sealants in Moncks Corner, South Carolina.

Dental sealants are wafer-thin, clear coatings that can protect the back molars. Dr. Craig Thomas will typically place the sealants on the smile after your routine dental cleaning with our team. That way he knows the teeth are perfectly clean.

The sealant placement process is simple, easy, and painless. It involves your dentist deeply cleaning the teeth, drying them, and then placing an absorbent shield around them to keep them dry. Next, he will roughen the surfaces of the enamel with a special solution, which will help the shells bond to the surfaces. Then, your dentist will rinse and dry the teeth. Finally, he will paint the sealants on the surfaces and then will harden them with a special light.

These shells will act as a protecting barrier because they will not allow the oral bacteria access to the tooth enamel. If the bacteria don’t have access to the teeth, they can’t promote cavity development.

Now that you know all about dental sealants, it’s time to call Carolina Avenue Dental Care at 843-899-5911 and schedule an appointment regarding smile protection. We look forward to assisting you!