Dental Health is Important

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When it comes to your smiles needs, Dr. Craig Thomas is here to provide you with the best possible care in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. We understand how hard it can be when it comes to looking for a new dentist, especially when moving to a new area. That is why having top-quality dental care is the most important priority here at Carolina Avenue Dental Care.

Oral health is important and too often goes dismissed. Due to poor oral habits, bacteria in your mouth could cause gum disease leading to severe problems. Some of these problems can include gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and even bone loss. That is why keeping up with your daily oral habits is essential to positive oral health.

Brushing your teeth for at least two minutes a day, twice a day will help your fight to prevent cavities and keep gum disease at bay. Flossing will also go hand-in-hand with keeping your teeth clean. This is because while brushing keeps the plaque and food particles off your teeth, the floss will keep the plaque and food particles from between your teeth. Mix in mouthwash to kill any other bacteria hiding in your smile, and you can keep your oral health looking great.

If you have any questions about your oral care, or you would like to come in for a cleaning, please call us at 843-899-5911 to set up an appointment. Let us give you the quality care you deserve and address any questions or concerns you have pertaining to your oral health.