A Dental Bridge is an Option for a Knocked-Out Tooth

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Even though your teeth are strong and firmly attached to your mouth, a strong blow to the face can pack enough force to dislodge a tooth from its socket. We may recommend a dental bridge to replace a knocked-out tooth and maintain your beautiful smile.

If the natural tooth can be preserved, we may be able to place it back in the socket; however, instances of severe tooth injury often require us to place a dental bridge following the removal of the tooth root and any remnants of the tooth in order to prevent additional health complications.

A custom-made dental bridge is two dental crowns sandwiching an artificial tooth. To keep the appliance secure in your smile, we form abutments with the neighboring teeth by removing the tooth enamel and leaving the root, nerves and pulp in a protective sheath. While the dental bridge is under construction, temporary dental crowns can keep the abutments protected.

A detailed impression of your abutments and surrounding relevant teeth will be used to assist with creating your custom dental bridge to help ensure that it will look like your natural teeth. Once it is completed, we can cement the bridge in place after we take off the temporary crowns.

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